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No other dealer in Muskoka has the sales experience of Trysys. Our experience is your asset. Whether you are looking for a personal enhanced mobility vehicle, commercial vehicle, up-fitted, fleet or individual, we source, build, refurbish to your specific needs.

Prepare yourself with questions (to us and the competition)

  • AS IS or Refurbished (ask what level of refurbish - varies between dealer)
  • Battery Quality - ask for a discharge report - if not available run
  • 36 volt or 48 volt
  • Enhanced Drive (PDS, IQ vs Series)
  • Warranty
  • Delivery
  • Storage
  • ​Local Service
  • Loaner availability

We offer

  • Wholesale Fleet Sales, Gas or Electric, Demo and Used
  • ​Commercial Sales - Resorts, Cottage Facilities, Industrial, Equistrienne
  • ​Private/Individual Sales

​Click on our Inventory Link to view a sample of vehicles available.​